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Corporate Summary


Since the early eighties, our founder Ezra Malki & Econocraft Worldwide Mfg., Inc. has built an outstanding reputation for rugged, low maintenance high quality automatic car wash systems. Known throughout the world as the best-engineered systems in the industry, Econocraft systems deliver what few manufacturers can offer — high performance at a modest price.

Proven in thousands of efficient, profitable installations.

At Econocraft, we believe that satisfied, profitable operators are the best kind of advertising.
Twenty years of continuous product improvement has earned us the respect of car wash operators, major oil companies and vehicle wash manu-facturers throughout the world. To them, the name Econocraft means simplicity of design, low maintenance costs and many years of profitable operation.

Our skilled Management Team helps you achieve success.

Econocraft's Engineering and Manu-facturing Teams have the knowledge and experience to design and manu-facture the world's best automatic car wash systems and components. Our Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service Teams are equally skilled delivering the service you need to keep operating at peak efficiency. We take great pride in ensuring that the car wash systems and components we develop remain afford-able, effective, and safe, while providing years of trouble-free service. Our products' reliability and customer satisfaction ranks among the best.

The Right Combination

Our Quality Control is legendary.

To ensure the greatest quality control, more than 80% of the parts and compo-nents found on our systems are manu-factured by Econocraft. At our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in New York City, each component is put through rigorous inspection and testing to ensure that it meets or exceeds industry standards.

More than a million vehicles are washed each day using Econocraft systems.

Econocraft's reputation for innovative systems and products is expanding throughout the world, making us one of the world's leading manufacturers of automatic car wash systems and components. From the largest conveyor-driven tunnel system to the smallest drive-thru carwash, Econocraft offers a system to meet the needs of every operator.

Econocraft...superior engineering makes the difference.

Econocraft has maintained a tradition of leadership for nearly 20 years. The Econocraft success story is built on uncompromising engineering. It is also built on a commitment to technology, superior materials, and unsurpassed advanced customer service. These qualities will ensure that the needs of our operators will continue to be met, and that our leadership will continue well into the next millennium.
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The Right Touch


As any operator knows, durability and reliability are major factors in the car wash business. That is why all Econocraft systems and components are engineered to be virtually maintenance-free.
Easy-maintenance features include:
  • No-Grease uhmw bearings.
  • All grease fittings are located within easy reach.
  • Electric motors located above the water spray zone to prevent premature wear.
  • Stainless Steel construction.
Most importantly, only the finest quality brand-name parts are incorporated in wash components manufactured by Econocraft.


After the sale of a car wash system, your relationship with Econocraft does not end. In fact, it is just the beginning. That is when our Customer Service Team takes center stage. They are highly motivated to answer your questions or help you in any way they can.
Our fully computerized parts system helps us find the correct part instantly. But you do not have to purchase parts exclusively from Econocraft. Most parts are available "Off-The-Shelf", so they can easily be purchased from your local supply house, automotive store, or at specialized car wash parts supply companies.


Econocraft utilizes the softest, safest, most durable and easiest-to-replace cloth in the industry today. Contour-cut to reach into every part of the vehicle's exterior, Never-Fade Soft Cloth insures safe operation and superior cleaning performance. Available in a wide variety of colors, Never-Fade Soft Cloth is one example of how Econocraft uses superior materials to produce superior results.
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Total Team Effort


Before being introduced into our product line, each Econocraft system and component is thoroughly pre-tested at one of our company-owned and operated car wash facilities. This enables our engineers to measure performance under tough, real-world conditions. This process led to a major Econocraft innovation — the use of a combination of hydraulic and electric systems to ensure that the failure of a single system will not shut down the entire car wash. Pre-assembled at the factory, each component is personally inspected by our Quality Control Team, who understands the important part they play in total customer satisfaction.


Our reputation for complete customer satisfaction has a lot to do with the exceptional support we provide to our customers in the planning stages. Many of our car wash systems are customized at the factory to address specific washing needs.
Utilizing the latest CAD technology, our draftsmen produce a three-dimensional
(perspective) view, as well as a top-down view of your installation, to show exactly how your equipment will look and fit into the wash bay. At Econocraft, guesswork is replaced by careful planning.


Regardless of your location, your Econocraft distributor is thoroughly qualified to provide the service and support you need to operate at maximum efficiency. Each distributor is authorized to take any initiative he or she feels is necessary to meet the needs of an operator. Our goal is simple: to maintain the best operator support system in the industry. If you are interested in becoming a factory representative, please contact us today.
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Why Econocraft?

• All stainless steel systems and components manufactured by Econocraft carry a lifetime guarantee against broken frames, cracked welds, and water tank leaks. Should any of these defects occur, we will replace or repair the damaged part absolutely free of charge. * Subject to some stipulations
• Heavy duty corrosion-resistant frame.
vvvvvvConstructed of 4” x 4” 10-gauge tubing
vvvvvvstainless steel #304
• Galvanized steel frame available 4” x 4” x 3/16”
• No grease uhmw self lubricating bushings
• Individual wash components
• Free standing or leg-mounted components
• Frame is reinforced with bolt sleeves
• Proven designs & technology
• Speed
• Effectiveness
• Cost Efficient
• Safe
• Affordable

You get more for your money when you buy Econocraft!

Life Time Guarantee on Econocraft’s Rugged Stainless Steel Support Structure
*Subject to some stipulations

Installation Accessories

• Econocraft offers an optional package containing all the necessary installation hardware needed for a complete turnkey project. Purchasing installation hardware direct from Econocraft eliminates expensive tradesman back charges for items needed to complete the job.


Steel Grate Conveyor Pit Cover


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